Hot water problem

Feb 29, 2020
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I have a problem with the carver cascade water heater fitted in my campervan, after filling the cold water tank and then the hot water tank in the carver, I turn on the electric water heater, water gets quite hot after about twenty minutes or so but when opening the hot water taps no hot water comes through any of the taps, I have tried running water through both the shower and the sink taps for several minutes Tues to clear any air in the pipes, still no hot water, when only drawing cold water the onboard pump runs constantly however when trying to get hot water the pump runs intermittently sounds like its pulsing, when releasing the drain plug plenty of hot water drains out, any ideas anyone. Thanks.
Jan 19, 2002
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I presume you have done all the usual recommissioning before using the system? Just in case..
Check the filters in the end of the taps, usually a screw fit near the tip, ensure all grit and grot is rinsed out and note how the bits were assembled and refit. Then run the cold tap until it runs smooth - start with furthest away from the pump and work in order. The do the same with the hot taps - starting from the furthest until the water runs smooth. If you get spurting or intermittence then adjust the pressure valve to be found on the back of the inlet, depending on your system the manufacturers have good printable instructions for adjustment on their sites. Only then should you switch on the heater, but if it runs satisfactorily cold then the hot should be fine. Perhaps a starting point for you that others can pick up on if this doesn't help!
Mar 14, 2005
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The symptoms you describe suggest there is a blockage in the hot system. A well known problem, is the cold water inlet valve fitted to the heater. The valve can sometimes be damaged by frost if its not been fully drained, and the built in non return valve jams almost shut. This will allow the heater to fill , but very slowly, but when a hot tap is opened, the hot flow is very restricted.

The solution is to replace the cold water inlet fitting in the heater.

It is very important to ensure the heater and pipe work is fully drained if the the caravan is to stored during winter.


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