How can I tow my caravan when I get to 70 years old?

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Nov 6, 2005
My licence , now I will be 70 on the 24th of June, allows me to drive a car upto 3500 kg and tow a trailer up to the max train weight of the car.
It is really hard to find proper information on the DVLA website.

RogerL, where did you find the bit about the outfit weight of 7500kg. I remember something like that but can't find it.
The 7000 kg (my 7500 was a typo) is the theoretical maximum for a vehicle up to 3500 kg towing a trailer up to 3500 kg., the theoretical limit of BE.
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May 7, 2005
So your ok to drive still in any size car but not towing? Is that right?

As others have said, you are fortunately wrong in your conclusion.
My original comment to the OP in #2 posting applies, even to those who take no steps to retain their original rights to drive vehicles over 3500 kgs: -

"On reaching 70 you can still both drive any "car" [a vehicle up to 3500kgs MGW] and tow basically anything that can tow. ie keep within the car's GTW, no different to anyone else in that.
So potentially you could have an outfit up to 7000 kgs, though realistically way less because of the car's limits, caravan weight. "

The "essence" here is the vehicle's maximum weight capability, just the vehicle itself you are sat in the driving seat of, not what it, nor what it together with any trailer might weigh.
Hence the issue some motorhome drivers face in coming 70, as the vehicle they physically sit in could easily be capable of being over that 3500 kg, redline. There they have to be proactive to retain that additional pre 70 age perk.
If they drive a MH under the 3500 kgs MGW, then exactly the same rules apply, they can without any action still drive that and tow what it can, just as caravanner can.
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Nov 11, 2009
Some motorhome owners have their vehicle replated down to 3500kg so they can continue to drive it without annual medical checks. But of course the payload will be reduced by the downplating, and it costs to have it done officially via DVSA.


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