How to get to the top!

Mar 14, 2005
The current topic on wheel spin has reminded me of the time a few years ago when the local highways agency was caught out by a sudden heavy snowfall and didnt have time to get the gritters out. At the time we lived at the top of a steep hill and I had an old Marina (rear wheel drive). I had heard that people used to carry a bag of cement in the boot in bad weather to improve traction but, as I didnt have a bag with me, I persuaded my wife to sit in the boot (with the boot lid open and her feet hanging out over the bumper). Worked a treat! We were the only ones to get up there but I didnt stop at the top and continued on to our house so we didnt get stuck again (when its moving keep going)! The local school was at the top of the hill and, as it was 3 oclock the mothers were waiting outside for their children so my wife was able to wave to her friends as we passed. Can you picture the scene? I havent got the car now but amazingly I still have the wife!
Jul 12, 2005
Hi Jim

When I was 18 I had a 1.3 escort m2, not exactly the best thing in the snow.

One night on the way home in deep ice and snow I was being very careful and doing about 10mph. without warning a police man decided to stand in the road and indicate me to stop. Unfortunately the ice and snow did not help and I tried everything to stop! NOT A CHANCE! the bobby bounced off the bonnet and landed in the muddy snow in the middle of the road. I was panicking.

The cop tried to get up as I got out the car and started shouting at me. I could hear laughing and looked around to see his Sargent in tears on the floor. He told me to go home as he wanted to get back to the station and take the piss out of the other bobby big time!!


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