Hymer electrics

Jan 23, 2011
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Hi David only a guess but I think it will be a battery isolation switch. Either to isolate drain from the leisure / vehicle battery to the other (either way) or possibly to isolate the vehicle battery to prevent starting as an additional level of security.
Are you able to trace the wiring ?
Alternatively insert the key & turn to check if both batteries are displayed , then turn & remove the key to check if any difference is displayed.
Apr 26, 2012
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Good evening all
After a bit of a play around this afternoon I have found out that the switch/key does totally isolate all the 12v electrics in the habitation area whilst leaving the vehicle electrics fully functional.
When I left to come home last Monday after a 3 night trip away I found that the vehicle battery was flat and had to get a jump start to enable me to go.......could this switch/key have had anything to do with this and if so, what would be the procedure to avoid this happening again?
As you can probably guess I am new to the motorhoming world!


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