Hymer Nova GL 470 review

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Jun 11, 2018
otherclive said:
ProfJohnL said:
Hoomer said:
My 2006 Hymer 390 cost me the same as a new Bailey 400.... it doesn’t leak, Baileys are notorious.
Its unsound to make generalised statements about a manufactured product based on a sample of one. Whilst is is certainly true that all British caravan manufacturers do have a history of products that leak, It is also true that continental manufactures including Hymer do have some problems.

I can't quote the statistics, but I have witnessed one Hymer that was basically scrapped becasue 75% of the floor was rotten, with much of the exterior walls and the furniture and fittings in contact with the floor were also badly affected.

Hymer may be better than UK manufacturers but they're not perfect :eek:hmy:
Whilst the Hymer is a nice caravan and generally accepted as being of good quality with good payload their all up weight mitigates against them for a lot of people. I also recall the notorious spate of side panel "folds" that appeared above the doors on some UK spec Hymers a few years back.
Tip tip, don’t buy a van that’s has to be switched around internally to fit a door on the wrong side.
Also, the payload issue is a bit bogus when uk caravans, big 6 berth ones are very rightly ridiculed in the German caravan press for their tiny payloads. Bet you dollars to donuts most family vans on the road in the UK are way over their plated limits. Hard to overload a 2 berth with a 300kg payload, very easy with a 5/6 berth and 125-150kg. My base weight includes a very heavy folding table and 50kg, 50l of water in the internal tank.



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