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Nov 12, 2009
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Are you a Experience caravanner if not you have to stick 85%
You don't!
The recommendation is for an 85% car /caravan ratio but it's a recommendation, not a law.
Theoretically a novice caravanner could tow up to their vehicle towing limit.
It's not advisable but to forestall a slew of off topic debate and conjecture I thought that I'd clarify the situation .
Mar 14, 2005
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Hi am trying to find out what weight caravan I can tow with my tucson 1.7 se nav b-drive, 2wd ,2016. The s on towball is 135kg. Thanks
All cars sold in the EU have to have a data plate which carries the essential weights data. The largest value on the plate is the vehiles rated Gross Train Weight (GTW) and this is an absolute legal limit'

The second largest figure is the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) the difference between (GTW -GVW) these two figures is the maximum towed weight allowed when the car is fully loaded. This is the most practical maximum figure for the weight of a trailer.

Caravans are far from ideal trailers, and the UK caravan industry guidance suggests experienced caravanners should not exceed a trailer weighing 100% of tow cars kerbweight and novices should consider limiting trailer weights to just 85% of cars kerb weight.
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Jan 19, 2002
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Further info:
My understanding is that Hyundai quote weights without driver, so to compare with other manufacturers who include the driver I think you add 70kg - and use this figure for %ages.
The 1.7 SE Nav weighs 1425+driver with towing limit 1400 which must be to do with the test restart gradients with the manual clutch as the same model with DCT weighs 1470+ but max tow 1600.
Of interest there are far less 2.0D models on forecourts but the same variant manual gearbox weighs 1587+ and the 182bhp has a 2200 limit.

The 1.7 stipulates a 100kg towball limit, and the 85% is around 1275.
However as stated by others the maxim should be lighter van heavier car, with an 85% ratio being a good guide. .

Additional info:
solo driving with my SE Nav 1.7 (lately with lockdown on infrequent shorter trips) I am averaging nearly 49mpg (calculated from what I put in the tank not from the dashboard!) - best tankful over 53mpg mostly a couple of longer trips prior to lockdown.
I have a fixed swan neck fitted which is fine with the reverse sensors and helpfully is clearly visible on screen with the reverse camera. If you google bars for the car there is no bumper cut or removal to fit the bar, and dedicated electrics do not require remapping.

Hopefully I shall get some good towing miles under it's belt later in the year!

All the best!
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Sep 26, 2018
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I was surprised when originally looking for my tug, how "weedy" the Tucson and the Sportage were, especially when they reduced the diesel to 1.7 (?)
Nov 11, 2009
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Some Sportage and Tucson did have very low maximum towing limits and a previous thread discussed this and strongly advised that the OP must carefully check each car that they look at to ensure that they get one with the makers towing limit suitable for their caravan.
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