Introducing myself and making a plea

Nov 29, 2017
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Hello everybody,

I am a bee keeper from Brixham , and belong to Torbay Bee Keepers Association. My wife and I own a Swift Bolero 680FB. We like to travel to sunny climes in the winter and use the van for visits to family and friends in various parts of the UK in the summer.

At present my time spare time is occupied with a project we have going in Devon Bee Keeper. Some of you may know about the threat to UK honey bees posed by the possible introduction of the Asian Hornet, Vespa velutina.
This insect preys on honey bees and other insects to get food for their brood and we want to bring awareness to
A group of people who may be unintentionally providing a lift for this unwanted pest to the UK.

I shan't take any more space and time up here but I will post a more detailed piece in the general chit chat category Please go to that post if I have whetted your appetite and made you curious about this insect and the problem we face.

Anyway I have said hello and look forward to chatting on the other thread


Nov 19, 2010
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Hi Colin, welcome.
You've done exactly right, introducing yourself here and raising your concern in the "Chit chat" section. Looking forward to reading it.