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Sep 15, 2005
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Happy 2006 all

Anybody out there that can help me i have a Avondale Landranger 2005 that has three internal switches for the elctrics. I must say that the handbook does not explain well what the the buttons do or how to leave them. I have twice left the van in storage for a few weeks in what i thought was the off switch to find the battery dead. and what do i do when i drive tio charge up battery?

so a couple of questions then:-

1, how do you use the switches? with elec hook up and without!

2, what do i set them to for storage to ensure battery not dead when i pick it up

3, how do i use the charger whilst i have it hooked up?

any help would be good happy to take direct advice if anybody wants to male me


Hi, i own an older Coachman caravan the main board does'nt sound to different from the one in mine , on site when hooked up one of the switche's says car(clicked one way) off (centre position) and van (clicked the other way) when we are hooked up we have it on van , a second switch says charger on/off (we put that onto on most of the time ) it also helps top your van battery up but never to the full amount , when towing we also have it on charger on but the first switch onto car position and the grey towing lead into the car helps top the battery up, and a third switch says 240volt on or off to allow hook up power to the vans appliance's , if you are really worried about the battery draining in storage you could also dissconnect the terminals , i hope this helps in some way , but i have to admit i'm not the best at describing tech situations, happy caravanning best regards Chris.


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