Latest on line Scam!

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Jul 18, 2017
Thinking about it, we get far fewer spam calls than we used to. I guess about two per week now. Is it just us, or are they dropping off?

We are now ex-directory and also have TPS as nuisance calls were getting ridiculous.
Nov 6, 2005
If you are suspicious about a call from your GP or hospital, just ring their landline number and check. I think they will be used to it by now and it will not be a problem.
Genuine calls tend to begin with your name but scammers often do not, if they do not use your name then it is a scam, but check the ones that do know it.
I don't block number withheld calls, the genuine ones start with "Hello, it's doctor Xyz here, how are you Mr L---" and I recognise his voice - ringing the surgery landline may not help if the GP is working from home after hours, as ours frequently does.
Jun 16, 2020
This is like a reverse scam.

On TV this morning they spoke to an American who had purchased a web domain RENT-A-HITMAN in 2005 which failed to be effective so he left it dormant. He checked in on it recently to find he was getting 6000 hits per month. So he rebuilt it with promised services, but it could be read two ways. It is really quite clever and funny. For example he says they now have 17, 985 operatives (the US police) throughout the US.

He gets people to apply online and even commit with the promise that their details will be passed on. Which he does. Directly to the 17,985 operatives.

He has now possibly saved 150 lives though this’scam’.

Look up

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