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Links to useful info

Nov 19, 2010
Just trying this out.
If you have found useful info online about the appliances or accessories in your van, please post a reply on this thread, and I'll keep it pinned to the top of the Tech section.
To start with, I'll move one here from Randonneur, about the Thule step.
Sep 20, 2011
Strickly speaking, it won’t be possible to provide a direct link to any file, whatever the file’s type. The link must be a URL (Uniform Resource Locator - commonly referred to as a “website address”) though the URL itself may ‘point’ directly to a .pdf file. For example, the following URL retrieves an Operating Instructions document for Truma’s “Combi (E)” heater. The document is held on a .pdf file and it will be seen that the URL has .pdf at its end.


The link provided above by randonneur is to a URL relating to a particular Thule electric step and, if one wished to see the User Manuals (held as .pdf files) for that step, it would be necessary to select the “User manual” option in the “Downloads” section of the webpage retrieved by using the the link and then select the appropriate .pdf file-reference, which should cause that .pdf file to download.

Similarly, if one were looking for instruction documentation for Truma products, the following link is to the Truma Download Centre from which the relevant document(s) (that are held as .pdf files) can be selected.

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