Lounge bedding

Mar 8, 2019
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Me again!!

What does everyone use for bedding on front lounge? The bed is bigger than a little kingsize bit smaller than superking. I've bought a superking mattress protector bit not sure if sheets etc will be enormous. Have a double sleeping bag for my daughter in the interim but not sure what to get further down the line.

Thanks Again :)
May 7, 2012
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Jonic make caravan bedding to fit most models at reasonable cost.
Beds do tend to be whatever size fits and can be a problem for bedding. It sounds as if superking bedding will fit if the bed is a bit smaller than that though. We can get away with king size on ours but you do have to look at what fits yours.
May 24, 2014
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We still use the square shaped sleeping bags, with a superking sized sheet underneath. We just tuck one edge under the leading edge of the seat where it meats the front squabs. Always turn the seats over to the flat side, our seats have the Swift cast seating on the flip side which is like a ventilated memory foam.
More often than not we dont make up the big bed, and just flip the seats over to have large singles.
We find the advantage of the sleeping bags is that they fold quickly and neatly, and two or three season bags are more than adequate. Im usually that warm I dont even zip up. Madam on the other hand zips herself up and rolls around like a maggot. :cheer:


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