March 2018 competition - trying a bit too hard?

Dec 6, 2013
Loved reading the March issue of the magazine - especially the bit about Lancashire, obviously ;) - and when it came to the competition on Page 69 to win "up to £10,000-worth of caravanning prizes" my eyebrows were certainly raised. Unfortunately this was less with excitement and more with confusion as I started reading the list of prizes.

No issues with the first two items. A £1300 awning and a fitted motor mover. Ooh, lovely. But what's next. £1000-worth of accessories each from Bailey, Coachman and Hymer Group?

Now I don't know what "accessories" they're offering but suspect somehow that there really isn't much difference between 'Coachman' accessories and 'Bailey' accessories, so does that mean that the winner is going to end up with three of the same item? I hope so in a way, because the alternative is that the accessories are bespoke to the makers' own caravans, in which case none of them would be much use in our ageing Avondale.

Then we get further down the list and see that the prizes also include a porch awning and another motor mover. What do I want with two awnings - I don't have the space to store them, for a start - and two motor movers?

Also, and without wanting to sound too pedantic, how can the value of these items be "up to £10,000"? The items are listed. They have a retail value. This either adds up to £10k or it doesn't.

If Raymond James want to raise their profile by offering a £10,000 prize then it would be far more attractive if this could be in the form of a voucher to be used in full or part payment to any new or used caravan available from their dealership. I'd love that. Or if it's a giveaway of accessories, why not break it down into a series of prizes in the style of a raffle, and let the winners choose the items they need or want and not the ones they don't?

In the meantime I haven't entered, because ultimately I don't have any need for a set of accessories worth roughly quadruple the value of my caravan and would rather give those who might benefit a stronger chance of winning. Good luck to everyone who does enter.
May 7, 2012
It is a prize and the people involved are free to offer whatever they think fit. Never look a gift horse in the mouth. There are bound to be some things in there you will not need, but I for one would not worry, and I am sure I could find someone who needs any excess I might get. At £10,000 I would be hard pressed to find that amount I was short of if I did win.


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