microswith taps

May 18, 2012
can any one explain how to change a micro switch on my 1995 Hymer B694, or do i have to get a new tap, ?Please
Nov 19, 2010
I'm not familiar with your van Bob, but usually where a microswitch is fitted it's an integral part of the tap mechanism, and you have to replace the whole thing. It's not usually too expensive though, and a lot less work to fit than a switch alone.
Nov 22, 2011
Hi, I had a similar occurance with a tap in my Dethleffs Esprit. The only way to get water at the kitchen sink was to lift the tap in the washroom until the pump started and then open the kitchen sink tap. To stop was the reverse procedure - a right pain. We were away at the time so investigation was required! I traced the wires from the tap to a "chocolate block" under the sink. Removing the wires from the tap and then fitted a short length of wire and a "cheap bell push button" this did the trick until I returned home and was able to spend more time on a permanent repair.

The temporary repair to the
mixer tap fitted to my kitchen sink was only considered a temporary stop gap
until the new unit arrived under the warranty claim. Upon returning home I
decided to ascertain what was wrong with the mixer tap. I carefully stripped
the operating lever and discovered that one of the wires from the micro switch
had been catching on the metal part of the tap and had frayed and split.

A soldered and insulated
repair was carried out. The temporary bell push and wire was removed and the
original wiring reconnected,

When the new unit was
supplied, under warranty, I have retained it as a spare for possible future


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