Mobile Phone Aeriel`s

Mar 14, 2005
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Does anyone have any info on Mobile Phone Aeriel`s as we are planning a stay at Treamble Valley CC site and Tintagel CC site in August. We have visited both these fantastic sites in the past and know that both these sites are situated in poor mobile phone reception areas. Unfortunately owning my own business i have to take my work with me. As long as the wife and kids are happy thats the most important factor.


Jul 15, 2005
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You might need to plan a daily strategy, driving somewhere you can connect to a cell, pick up any answer phone messages and then call your client back.

Cell phones work by maintaining a continuous bi-direction "chat" between the local cell mast and your phone - a sort of "answer yes if you can hear me".

Adding an external aerial will slightly boost signal reception, but the problem comes with transmission from your phone - the local cell may not hear your phone say "yes".

Nov 6, 2005
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Change to a satellite phone. Provided you're not pitched under trees you can always get a signal. They're more expensive but count as a genuine business expense.
Apr 13, 2005
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A friend of ours had the same problem last year, he also required his mobile due to his work but found that the 3 g network was very poor in cornwall. his phone by default automatically logged on to the o2 network if 3g was lost but o2 was also poor in cornwall. he got round the problem by buying a cheap pay as you go mobile on the orange network which appears to work anywhere and set a divert up on his 3g phone to divert all calls to the orange number if his 3 phone was not available. becouse his 3 phone was never in a signal area 3 diverted all his calls to his orange number, it worked out a little more expensive but he bever missed a call.


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