New type awnings, how long will it be before?

Apr 5, 2006
How long will it be before some manufacturer comes up with a full size awning in these new lightweight materials, new to caravanning that is. I bought a new Scenic Plus last year and am very pleased with it, however I have noticed that this type of lightweight awning is now getting bigger and bigger. If the manufacturers do start making full size awnings and they do find their way on to the market what will happen to conventional type awnings, will people still buy them. One of the reasons I ask is that I have just had a conventinal Dorema awning altered to fit a new van and it cost £105 and the awning is about 4 years old. If a full awning of the new type was available for about £200 I would probably have thought long and hard before having an old awning altered. I know the new stuff is not expected to last as long but at the latest prices people could probably afford to buy new instead of second hand evey few years or when changing their caravan. Weight would also play a part in peoples decision about awnings, a new type awning of the same size would be a lot lighter than conventional types so would surely benefit older vanners as well as single folk or indeed anybody that now struggles to erect the old type. The new PDQ awning I think it is (fits in a bag in the awning rail) is an example, there have been quite a few complaints posted about it in various forums. However the company is new to the caravanning sector and will I'm sure soon get things sorted. What will happen then to the IMHO vastly overpriced Fiamma product that does the same thing. I am sure that the new awning makers realise that there is a very large market for their type of product and will be working very hard to get things right and have people buy their products. Perhaps people like Dorema, Isabella etc will have to make awnings of the new type material.

Nov 6, 2005
Isabella don't seem to have any trouble competing with awnings less than half the price, so they're unlikely to be troubled by newcomers although Dorema might be.

Awnings consist primarily of frame, roof and windows all held together with small pieces of canvas. In practice these "new" ripstop fabrics can only replace the small areas of canvas with little saving - unless the roof is also replaced but that's not easy as ripstop isn't really suitable for a large area of flat(ish) roof.


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