Newbies first trip out - Ups & Downs of my first trip

Apr 11, 2010
Hi, as a newbie to Caravanning, who has used this site for some great advice, I thought I would let you have an update on my first trip away with the caravan.

Set off on Friday for a weekend at Spiers House in North Yorkshire. Unfortunatly, things did not go so well, we got 20 miles from home on the A1 and the tyre on Caravan burst. We pulled over onto the grass verge, and after a little panic I called the AA, who came and replaced the tyre with our spare, but they said it was not in great shape so recommended replacing it. As we had spent an hour standing in the rain on a verge on the A1 waiting for AA, we decided to fo home and replaced both tyres. Have to admit that this did scare me, and I did not want to set off again, but hubby persueded me, and we set off again on the Saturday.

Well I am please we did as we had a great time. Got on site, and was having a little problem trying to set up, but should not have worried, as two other experienced caravanners helped us and gave some great advice. They even turned up on the Monday to help us put the caravan back on the car for return journey.

I have learnt a lot about what we need going forward (ie leveling the caravan, having chocks), and feel a lot more confident about setting up next time we go, just need to improve on reversing with the caravan, it is harder than it looks.

Now looking forward to our next trip.

Apr 13, 2010
hi joanne

good on you for going again. we are having our first 6 nights away from saturday so getting very excited now. although now after reading your story i will be dreading a burst tyre the whole way glad you are both well and safe though

glad you enjoyed your outing, hope someone comes and helps us, weve mastered most of it now, just havent taken the full awning out the bag yet so think i wont open the wine until we have put it up.haha

Aug 12, 2007
Open the wine anyway Danny.....then you won't care whether you get the awning put up right or not!!! LOL ;o)

Joanne, that must have been quite frightening for you on your first trip out. You did a good thing calling the AA to change the wheel - that's what you pay them for.

We've been caravanning for about 12 or 13 years and had a burst tyre a couple of years ago - the only one we've ever had. Since we had a twin axle van and Range Rover to tow it, I have to say we never even knew we had the puncture until another motorist pulled alongside and told us - the outfit never swayed or anything.

So, very well done on coping with your first outing, things can only get better and better from now on. And Danny - you'll be fine, it's all good fun!
Oct 22, 2009
God Bless you new peeps!Worry no longer as we have ALL been in your place.None of us are born knowing everything about everything!Most experience is gained after making mistakes.On a positive note we can relay to each other how best to avoid or cope with most circumstances.I can still remember constantly checking the mirrors to see if the van was there!!!!!!!On our first trip "sur le continente" there were a few times when we felt very vulnerable but now we are only slightly terrified!!!we never learn though cos we are off again later this year! ITS SO EXCITING !!!!

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