Newcomer to RV life, got a bunch of questions.

Oct 15, 2021
Hello Everyone,

I'm a newcomer to RV life, me and my girlfriend bought a travel trailer and this summer we are looking forward to drive around the Europe. However, there are still a lot of questions i can't find answers to. So here they goes, i would really appreciated some information and ideas from more experienced members.

1. Do you suggest that this is a good forum for RV for Europe? Or maybe you know better options out there?

2. Our trailer is equipped with 2x27 litres of propane tanks. Originally these tanks are bought in Latvia (our home country), but as i understood, they are similar all across the Europe. So the question is, will i be able to change them for full tanks of propane, for example, in Italy, Spain, France? Here in Latvia we can exchange them in gas stations, is it similar across the Europe? And aproximately, how much this tank would cost in France, for example? Here in Latvia it's about 20-25 euros.

3. As i'm planning to work remotely while traveling, mobile internet is a must have. Our current/local providers offer only ~ 15GB of data, which i think won't be enough. Do you know some internet providers that might offer better plans? For example, from truck drivers i found out that Yolka is a very cool option, but unfortunately you can buy them only locally in Spain. I would need something that can be shipped to Latvia.

4. Is it possible to park with trailer in gas stations, side of the roads, in order to avoid campgrounds? Have someone did something similar? What do you think?

For now, i think it will be enough of the questions. As i said, any feedback/idea/answer would be much appreciated, thanks!
May 7, 2012
Welcome. As I see it this is as good a forum as any on the subject of Europe. I am not sure what you mean by a ravel trailer, is this a folding tent or something more substantial?
I am not able to answer questions 2 & 3. Possibly if you could let us know the supplier of the propane tanks someone could help. The only one I know of that is available across is Camping Gas though.
Never heard of parking in gas stations, I doubt they would let you though if you are using gas for heating and cooking due to the fire risk. Parking at the side of the road can be a security risk and even some aires in France have had problems with robbery. The problems vary between countries so researching each one before you go is needed.
Jul 18, 2017
Are the bottles refillable? I think that the bottles in Spain are different to the ones in France and you may require adaptors if they are refillable. If they are not refillable it is unlikely that they can be exchanged as they may be different to gas bottles sold in France or Spain.
Doubt very much if you can over night at a gas station unless you mean a proper motorway services. Can't advise on Internet connection as much as changed since Brexit.


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