Nose Weight - rough check

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Nov 11, 2009
Brasso530 said:
As a fit and healthy 43 yr old,I'm quite aware that lifting heavy weight incorrectly will cause injury and the method I use would not be suitable for say someone over 70 or in poor health.The method of checking nose weight will be debated on long after I've stopped vaning.
All ask yourself this,most people get check nose weight before a journey(which ever method you use) but in 5yrs and being a nosey get on site I have NEVER seen anyone load up and check nose weight before a return journey.

If your payload hasn’t changed and you are disciplined enough to put payload back where it was when you left home there’s not really a need to recheck for the return trip. I do carry my noseweight gauge in case I need to check it should circumstances change. But have rechecked prior to leaving a site if say have been away for long trip and bought stuff like wine or fridge is bare.