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I am back with another question. I am confused about noseweights. As I understand it if I put 75 kgs noseweight on my ball hitch does that then mean I can then not use a witter cycle carrier for my bikes which is attached between the towbar and towball? My question is:- is the 75 kgs noseweight purely for the caravan ball hitch or is the weight taken from the overall weight of items attached to the towbar from beyond the bolts connecting it to the car undercarriage.
Mar 14, 2005
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Hello Paul and Nikki,

The limit set by the towball manufacture or teh car manuafcature (which ever is lower) is the definitavie amoungt of load in total you can legally apply to the tow bar assembly.

So to use your own example if the limit is 75Kg and you load it to 75Kg, then there is no capacity left for the bikes.
Apr 11, 2005
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Garry and Nikki

If your caravan got a noseweight o 75kgs on the towbar then you can not put a nether think on it.

In other words.

If you put a cycle carrier of 5kgs

Put one bike on which is 25kgs +

The caravans noseweight is 45kgs



I hope this helps you Mark


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