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Nov 6, 2005
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Jul 19, 2021
Saw a Twin Axle caravan/Range Rover get terribly stuck in the narrow roads of north Devon a few years ago.
All roads around cleary signed as not suitable .
I have no idea how they ever got out of the mess they were in
Jun 30, 2022
A couple of weeks ago coming back from mid-Wales up the A49 north of Leominster I turned right onto the A456 (near Ludlow) to be welcomed by a "road ahead closed" sign. Hoping the closure was after my turning off I continued (I had no choice) but after a couple of miles it happened "road closed". I had to unhitch the caravan and turn it around on the movers. The road was just narrower than the length of the caravan, twin axle, so it was tight, the rear of the caravan overhung the edge of the road a little bit. I managed to turn it around hitched back up and off I went.

While this top gear moment was going on a nice fella in a Range Rover Sport, coming from the same direction as me, so probably couldn't see the closure ahead because of the caravan, was getting irate. Hand gestures, looking at his watch etc. Anyway I hitched back up and off I went..... looked in my mirrors to see, to my amusement, Mr Range Rover Sport.
Aug 12, 2023
Another plus of MMs.
I've taken caravan down dead end road by mistake, luckily there was T intersection to reverse into. No MMs then.

I can kind of understand motorhome guy. Once he saw street narrow option was reverse the behemoth back to intersection or carry on and hope road was passable. Going forwards is always easier than reversing.


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