Pageant Bordaeux v Charisma 550

Jun 29, 2005
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We're looking at ordering a brand new version of the two above at this months's show in the G-Mex, Manchester. Can anyone here offer any advice on the two?

At the moment I'm leaning towards the Bailey, but when I phoned our 'local' dealer to have a second look I was informed they didn't have one as they were waiting for their new one to come in at the beginning of Feb. Is there a replacement for the Series 5 Pageant Bordeaux imminent or is it likely that they just were waiting for a demo model to arrive?

Dec 13, 2005
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There is no replacement for the Series 5 Bordeaux planned as far as I know - is is still in the Pageant line up for 2006. However your dealer may have been referring to the new fixed bed model which is now being built following its success at the shows i.e. the Burgundy - a fixed bed with the bed on the other side at the back and with a sideboard on the right as you walk in. Like the Senator Indiana but not as wide, without spec such as microwave, alarm, inboard water tank etc and therefore lighter and less expensive. Full details on the Bailey website. See also previous forum chat about the Burgundy!

The Burgundy will be my third Bailey - I think they're great!

Hope this helps.



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