Peugeot 407 - Is it suitable for towing

Feb 21, 2006
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can anyone help? We are looking for a family car. I do approx 20k miles per annum so ideally I would like something economic! We have just purchased a Ace Award Nightstar which weighs 1488 kilos max. We were considering a new Peugeot407 136 hdi saloon. Does anyone know if this car is suitable or can anyone recommend something similar?

Mar 14, 2005
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your best bet is go to the dealers to get the relevant info on, kerbside weight, max tow, max ball weight and engine data. I would have thought it would be quite a good tow car with most ticks in the right boxes for you. just be careful on car to caravan weight ratio per centage as best part of 1500 kgs is obviously a substantial load to tow.
Aug 22, 2005
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I have the 110 HDI saloon and tow an Ace Jubilee Viceroy. We have to be careful to load only to the 1300 max tow load, but this does give a good %. Towed to Cornwall lasy October dowmn the M5 and A38 and was very suprised how well the 1.6 engine pulled.

The 136 has a higher max tow load, but still a failry low nose weight.

Check out
This gives a max braked trailer weight of 1900 and nose of 65 and a gross train of 3680. 3680(gtw)less 2080(gvw) = 1600.

So should be able to tow with ease depennding on how much you load the car.

Jul 12, 2005
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Bit high but is down to experience.

Whatcar report

The match between car and caravan is plausible in accordance with a mix of European standards. However, according to the British Towing Code the percentage (loaded caravan / kerbweight tow car) is 93%.

The towing performances of this Peugeot with your Ace are perfect (performance index = 99 km/u or 62 mph).

You may expect very vivid performances from this outfit. On flat roads you can come along adequately, in which case top gear is seldom applicable.

On motorway inclines you will be able not only to come along, but be the first at the top. On steep roads you have more than sufficient power to keep going. On hill starts there will be more than enough power to get going, provided the wheels have traction.


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