Questions about 12mm water pipe fittings

Jun 22, 2019
Hi all
I'm new to owning vans and having just bought one privately I've found a few minor issues (it was a bit of a bargain so I was expecting to do some work to it). It's a compass coachbuild and I'm having issues with a tap.

The mixer tap for the kitchenette sink which was loose and once I'd filled her up with water and tested the water pump, it spewed water everywhere. After much head scratching and bad language, I managed to find access to the back of the tap and pipes. The tap is probably a reich and has 2 flexible pipes that were push fitted into 2 straight 12mm push fit connectors. As a stop gap, I stopped at a parts supplier in Ringwood and was given 2 red end plugs made by John Guest. Unfortunately, these didn't seem to work and still leaked.

My question is this. Are the minor differences between Reich and John Guest 12mm push fitting accessories?

I ask because the supplier ordered me a new mixer and I'm not sure of the brand except that it looked VERY similar to the one I am replacing. Is it possible that depending on the brand I may need to buy different straight push fit connectors? Even though they are all 12mm?

Advice would be much appreciated.



Mar 14, 2005
Most makers use either John Guest or Whale connectors, but both are identical.

Unfortunately both do suffer from ageing seals so the best advice is to replace them if there is a problem.
As you already had a leak, an end stop will not fix that problem.
Jan 3, 2019
push fit connectors are fine and widely used in the household plumbing game thesedays, even on high pressure mains pipes, yeah i'm not a fan and still like to see a good old fashioned copper/soldered joint, however I would have no issue using these type on a caravan given the low pressure useage.
these joints however do heavily rely on 2 factors, a good 'O' ring in the connector, and a clean, round smooth pipe to clip onto, If they are both supposedly 12mm joints then they should work fine and not leak, the o rings are expected to squish a tiny bit so a very slight difference in size shouldn't cause a problem as long as it's not excessive, I would however suggest using a small amount of lubricant when connecting them because if the o ring doesn't slide nicely onto the pipe it may twist and not sit right, vaseline would work ok. also check there are no sharp edges at the end of the pipe before you connect them,


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