Radio/CD Player (continued)

Apr 23, 2005
(Dont know what happened there....)

As I was saying said Radio works perfectly but on FM only.

All attempts to tune in a MW/LW stations fail only static results even though the required wave band can be tuned.

I thought Aerial.

So removed unit to find the aerial lead (coxial) plugged in, I have a Status 530 directional antenna with pull out arms but the condition is unchanged whether these are in or out. No other aerial socket appears to be available on the set. However I have always found one aerial lead normally suffices when fitting car radios.

So the question I have to answer is could the set be defective or is it possble the Status aerial can't pick up medium/long wave?

Any advice/information would be very welcome.
Mar 14, 2005
Hi Paul

I have same problem - dealer told me years ago that omnidirectional arials - Status etc - do not pick up am/long wave and would therefore require additional aerial. Never bothered, have all I require with FM.
Jul 4, 2005
Same for me with omni aerial. I have fitted a seperate amplified aerial it looks like a standard car aerial with a white mount(
Mar 14, 2005
Hi Paul

I too have a Status 530 directional ariel. It's great for TV and a vast improvement on the Status omni-directional "mushroom" which it replaced.

I was intrigued by your problem so I tried out the set-up in my van. I have a Panasonic CD/radio which I recently had fitted. The radio works fine on AM (153-1602) and FM - I just tried it.

When I disconnected the TV/FM (radio-in lead) from the Status power-pack booster box I lost the AM radio reception so it seems the aerial DOES pick up AM. Incidentally when the radio-in lead was plugged in, switching the power-pack on and off did not effect the radio reception so that apparently only boostes TV signals.

I recently had my current caravan radio fitted to replace a defunct Phillips radio/cassette. I am pretty certain that that radio worked fine on both AM and FM with the Status 530.

I, also, had a quick look at my Status 530 instruction leaflet. In the Specs it gives the following Frequency ranges for the aerial:

UHF 470-860 MHz

VHF 40-230 MHz

FM 88- 108 MHz

It specifically says that the the telescopic aerials are for receving VHF TV signals overseas and that they do not need to be extended for FM radio reception. The instruction sheet does not mention AM radio at all.

It sounds as though you may have a problem with your radio or possibly the co-axial lead from your radio to the Status power-pack.

I hope that this is some help. Grade UK (makers of status) aerial could probably advise further. They were very prompt in sending out a copy of the aerial instruction leaflet which my dealer had mislaid!! They can be contacted as follows:

Tel: 0115 986 7151



I hope you get your radio reception sorted - I love my radio and would miss it weren't working. AM is very useful in areas of poor UK reception and overseas.

Best wishes



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