Radio Reception

Mar 11, 2007
Hi everyone.
Collected new Kon Tiki but have a few niggles, one of which is very poor radio reception. I have spoken to selling dealer who is very keen to sort out the problem but I am trying to aviod the long journey to get it sorted by dealer.

Dealer advised me that the wrong ariel lead may be connected to the radio as there are two,, there is one supplied by Fiat and another from Swift. I have tried both but with no great improvement.

I have looked on "Swift talk" and found that poor reception seems to be an on-going problem with no solutions.

So over to Practical Caravanners...Any advise will be greatly received.
Aug 17, 2011
I have the same problem with my ace napoli, can only assume that the areal they fit (if indeed they do), is not sufficient. Wouldn't suporsed as there are loads of things are poor build qulaity. Didint think it would extend to the kon tiki range, but not impressed with my swift van , always happy when it all works!!
Aug 16, 2011
We have had our van for 18 months and our radio reception is still a problem! When we first raised the issue with our dealer they were reluctant to go further without approval from Swift. I think they thought we were exceedingly fussy folk. Isn't it reasonable to expect a leisure vehicle to be able to offer a radio to listen to on our hols. We aren't particularly after amazing quality but just something we can listen to!!!!
We persevered and then found so many others on the web were suffering from the same problem.
To be fair Swift did quickly authorise our dealer to make a modification which improved things a little, but not enough to make much difference when the engine was in use! A few communication problems with our dealer and staff changes (and our holidays!!!) mean that we are still awaiting a resolution. Our dealer tells us that Swift have a better modification now available which has proved more effective and it is due to be fitted on 22nd. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I think your dealer should be able to find out what's needed from Swift.
Good luck!


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