Removing a caravan cover

May 3, 2021

Having heard all the pros and cons, I have bought a custom caravan cover – the sun is brutal here in Spain and we get a lot of Sahara rain. I’m planning to wash the caravan, each time, before fitting the cover to make sure there is no grit that might scratch the caravan when the wind blows the cover against the sides and windows.

Getting the cover on seems relatively straight forward, but getting it off looks like it might be problematic. Specifically – how do I get the cover off without contaminating the clean, soft inner layer with whatever dust and grit might be on the outside layer? Or am I worrying about nothing?

Thanks in advance…
Oct 11, 2022
We had a Protec on our MH and kept it covered in Portugal because of relentless sun . We left it there whilst working in UK. It was used on all 4 of our MHs and we still have it - faded and well worn. Too big now we are tuggers but just ordered replacement. Wouldn’t leave caravan uncovered here all winter but not cos of sun!!! Use it ….we never had any trouble and found the two poles ensured you could lift and fold it off.
Mind you, cleaning and folding it afterwards was a work of art.
Jan 3, 2012
We also got the Protec cover and we brought the replacement fitting poles set of two for thirty pounds it help us putting the cover on and off our caravan . might be what you need .
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