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May 15, 2005
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Hi there, we are looking for any comments regarding the following sites, We are new to caravanning and have decided to site our caravan for the 1st year or so. Two parks which are of interest at the moment are Lower Wensleydale CC site, Leyburn and Fangfoss Park Nr York,another possiblity was Drum mohr,Musselborough nr Edinburgh. Any comments on any of these sites would be appreciated eg: clenliness of toilets, showers and site. We have two young children who yes do like to play however we keep a close eye out, We do prefer a quieter site with not too much noise or children running riot everywhere.

Thanks in advance for any comments. Andrew.
May 25, 2005
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Hello Andrew

My advice would be to visit any private site before deciding on whether it is suitable for your requirements. Following receipt of brochures (which painted an excellent picture!) we visited several sites with the idea of keeping our 'van on a seasonal pitch. However, in reality, none turned out to be ideal. Some private sites only have minimal facilities with only 5 amp electrics!!! These would be totally inadequate for a modern caravan. Don't commit yourself from a brochure alone, you really do need to visit and talk to the owners in order to help you make up your mind.

As for CC sites you would have no problems whatsoever. The facilities are always excellent and the electric supplies are 16 amp!!! Play areas for children are well kept and clean.

No doubt you will feel I am biased but I am sure you will have a similar response from other members on this forum.

I would also consider the security arrangements which are of paramount importance due to your insurers requirements.

Good luck!



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