Security searches leaving U/K and returning.

Mar 14, 2005
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Checking in at the outgoing ferry terminal this year had the usual request for security to check inside our 'van. Looking for illicit extra passengers being sneaked onto the ferry or illegals. No objection - makes good sense and I have read letters from people who have been invaded by such people and the damage they do to the 'van whilst inside. Usual checks made - inside wardrobe, bed boxes and the really thin cupboard containing the table. bed boards and electric control panel. Looking for six inch thin stowaways perhaps. Then the question " Did I have any offensive weapons on board? " I must have looked rather puzzled so he clarified the question for me " Like knives? " Heaven only knows what he thought when I produced carving, bread and kitchen knives then opened another draw to reveal enough cutlery for six to eat without having to share. Got a wicked pair of chopsticks in there as well - just the kit for hijacking ferries chop suey style. To be fair to the guy I don't think he had been in many 'vans before nor had a clear understanding of the use they are put to. From the look on his face I think he had just been through a pretty steep learning curve.


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