Single or Twin Axle?

Jan 22, 2006
My wife and I are considering upgrading from our single axle Avondale Eagle to the twin axle Bessacarr 645. We have 2 young boys so we only stay at recognised caravan sites in the UK, both Club and non-Club, and we also travel abroad to France with Eurocamp Independent. We do not stay at one site for more than 2 weeks and much of our UK touring is weekend based. We have heard anecdotal evidence that twin axles can have certain restrictions placed on them, especially on the continent where sites are reluctant to accept them. Is this true or are twin axles treated no differently to single axles, including site charges? Also, do ferry companies charge more for twin axles?
Aug 28, 2005
Hello Guy,

Some independent sites both in the UK and Abroad don't accept Twin axles vans, often they site "ground damage" as the reason or give no reason; more to the point; the reason being is that the traveller community allegedly use them more often. This certainly used to be the case but when a traveller community moved onto roundabout near our house recently there was more motorhomes that caravans and more ML 's than transits !!

Ferry co's charge by the meter of the outfit including A frame (shipping length)

Regards Monkeys Husband
Dec 16, 2003
Monkey's other half is right, but we have never had a problem in Britain or Europe. Have onlt heard of problems in smaller municipal sites. All main holday van parks have never been a problem.

Personally, I would never tow a single axle again.

Love the twins, as you will see else where if you look around this site.

More stable, pitch less and safer in my book no matter what others say. With a little thoughr manouvering is not a problem.


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