Status Directional Aerials

Mar 14, 2005
I have a Status directional type fitted to my Crusader and it does a really good job. There's a locking collar on the aerial pole where it passes through the roof so that you can raise the aerial and point it at the best signal. There is even an adjustment for horizontal and vertical polarity - this works well too. There's also a couple of telecopic aeirals that stick out from the sides of the "pod" supposedly for radio. They don't do much so I guess Sataus' reputation still holds good in part at least!! Joking apart the new Status' are a worthwhile buy.

As an aside - we know how caravan's seem to be through together these days, don't we? If your picture is poor, it's always worth checking the wiring.
Apr 5, 2005
Good advice Chris, WE will bear this in mind when we collect our first ever caravan (and its new)in June.

Keep Smiling...Colin - "Newbe"


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