Stuck in Spain

Jun 2, 2017
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Don't think so-all the campsites are closed & all our friends were kicked off them by law. Maybe some of the sites in Benidorm that are classed as Permanent have Brits still on them but would not class them as 'Stuck'
Mar 14, 2005
Yes! I know some caravanners who are still on the site where I spent three months during the winter. The site is 'closed' however, they are still there. Management has had to close their toilet blocks, so two couples and a guy on his own that I know, have had to leave their caravans and move into the site's bungalows (which have their own showers and toilets). Even so, lockdown is much more severe in Spain than it is here. If you are driving, you are likely to be stopped by army or police. You need a very good excuse if you are carrying a passenger or are further away from your base than the nearest supermarket. If you have a dog to walk, you don't go beyond 150 mtrs from your base. And to top it off - the Spanish weather hasn't been all that great during the past month.
Jul 15, 2008
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John.......I bet you are glad you are at home in mostly sunny Surrey :)
Home has got to be the best place to stay safe and keep away from this vicious virus.
I know you also store your caravan at home, so I bet like me, your caravan has never had so much DIY and care......keeps the interest going!
I've no idea whether a trip to Andalusia this winter would be very wise.....very doubtful for me:(
Mar 14, 2005
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See Overseas section for my experiences. So far as we know there are no sites with touring outfits on them in including seasonals although the residential park home part of the Los Gallardos site is still functioning ( just inland from Mojacar)


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