Mar 14, 2005
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Hi Dave. I've got a 1995 SLX version of this vehicle. We've had it from new and towed a Bailey and now a Sterling. We love it. The older model isn't as powerful as the new models so yours should be even better. The only downside is the mpg, that drops into the teens for us. Ours likes to sit at just over 60 mph (I know I know), but its happy at this speed all day and although we do use a stabiliser I've never felt it twitch yet. The boot is quite large as well with the 3rd row of seats folded forward. So I always carry the chairs and awning in the boot. This is easier then if you get to the site in the rain. Just leave everything in the boot until it stops. Hitching up as Paul previous mentioned isn't a problem if you have someone else to wave at you. The 100kg nose weight on ours is most useful as well with our Sterling as it's around 60kg empty. You should enjoy it. It's great for sightseeing as well as you can see over hedges and makes the journey less boring for the kids.


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