They do not know how lucky they are!

Jul 18, 2017
I used to live in this beautiful country many years ago. This is an extract from a lady who still lives in that country.

Christmas in xxxxxxxx 2022 is:

The roar of generators everywhere as we run out of electricity. Farmers using 800 litres of diesel a day to irrigate crops. Power that’s off for 18 – 20 hours a day, every day. Industry that is ‘dead.’ “We are dead; we are not functional, we are not managing…. 18 hours a day of no power is not sustainable.” Water that comes out of taps once every ten days if you’re lucky. On-call doctors who sleep in their cars at the main government hospital in the capital. Hospitals with chronic shortages of basic medicines and ‘sundries’ such as cannulas, syringes, cotton wool, gloves, antiseptic, catheters, urine bags. Hospitals with leaking roofs, broken machines, patients dying from “preventable illnesses.” Farmers selling fertilizer given to them as ‘free inputs’ by the government.

Xxxxxxx is still listed in first place on the annual Inflation Dashboard at 397%, miles ahead of the next contender Venezuela (185%) and Cuba(158%).

Six months before elections when medical services are on the brink, electricity is on the brink, water supply is on the brink and we have the highest food inflation in the world, the government is giving cabinet members US$500,000 each, deputies US$350,000, MPs US$40,000 and calling it a ‘loan.’

To keep within forum rules and not to offend anyone I have intentionally left out the name of the country in question however it goes to show that the increase in inflation here in the UK is not as bad as it is in other countries where the inflation was caused by the actions of the government of the country in question unlike the UK where external forces are causing issues across the board.

If answering please try and avoid politics where possible.


Mar 5, 2020
Your post is slightly political in suggesting that UK inflation is solely down to "external forces." There have been internal issues too!

In terms of how lucky we are, I only have to think of Ukraine.
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Nov 11, 2009
I often think some people live a bubble of unreality and have little concept of the problems people in some other countries are facing.

But saying that an old friend of mine left the Royal Navy and joined the Canadian Navy in the mid 1980s and settled in Canada. Now his youngest daughter owns a realtor business, the oldest daughter a senior nurse now lives in Canada and runs her UK care business from Ottawa with permitted visits to UK within the tax rules. The son, an Advanced Nurse Practitioner has just moved to Ottawa, and the various grandchildren at or beyond university have also moved over in the last two years. Whilst they didn’t face the issues facing Buckman‘s family, they sought a better quality of life, and seem to have achieved it.
May 7, 2012
Moving abroad is a risk. Some people succeed and others fail. Odd examples do not prove the point either way. Achievements are usually down to hard work, talent and possibly good luck or timing. Coming from a family where no one had ever been anything noteworthy as far as we know I have one relative who is now a multi millionaire, yet his two siblings run a small shop but even their lives went very different ways earlier. They all had the same start in life but the results were very different.
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Jul 18, 2017
Your post is slightly political in suggesting that UK inflation is solely down to "external forces." There have been internal issues too!

In terms of how lucky we are, I only have to think of Ukraine.
Covid is an external influence and started the ball rolling. With reference to Ukraine that is correct and we are the lucky ones as living and working in a war zone is not fun.
Jun 16, 2020
I don’t personally think naming the country is against rules. And would take very little Googling to discover. I don’t think it is political per se. (Though ultimately all things may come down to politics). I think it is just stating fact and demonstrating there are many in the world much worse of than ourselves. As PTA says, just think of Ukraine, brought home more due to its proximity I think.

Sadly, I believe there are far too many who take our way of life as expected.

Nov 30, 2022
Life is surely seen as being "good" in the UK and that's probably why so many, from other nations, try all means possible to get here.
No names, no pack drill !

If you want a really tough place to live look at Haiti! Daughter worked there a few years ago for the UN. She didnt stay very long before quitting.
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