Toilet Cleaning

Mar 8, 2019
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Okay another idiot newbie question. We get our new van next week and are very excited:) We have to do an induction when we pick it.up so this may be covered bit.just in case there's a specific product I need to buy

We have the 2 chemicals for the loo bit no idea how long they last/how much we'll go through. On top of that I wasn't sure what to use to clean the loo bowl (since combinations of chemicals can cause weird reactions!) Didn't want everything bubbling back up if I used bleach:)

So what do I use to clean the bowl and how long will chemicals last (roughly).

Thanks again:)
May 7, 2012
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Never use the pink stuff as it seems to leave black bits in the system.
If you have an Aldi nearby they do a cheap toilet fluid when they have their camping specials on. I would not worry about running out though, if you do the site will usually sell it, so you are always covered, possibly a bit more expensive but not a lot more..
May 24, 2014
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We use the Aquachem blue sachets, much lighter to carry, easier to handle and no danger of a spillage. Like others, we dont use the pink stuff, for the same reason, black algae or whatever it is.
Nov 11, 2009
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We use Onechem, or sometime called Unochem. Quite economic as it has an inbuilt measure. It’s suitable to flush and cassette and organic.
Feb 23, 2018
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As the bathroom fixtures are plastic, bleach may cause damage. Thetford will flog you a plastic cleaning spray:

I was given some generic Waste tank Blue liquid and Flush Tank Pink when I purchased the caravan but I had to get some Non-Formaldehyde based waste tank fluid for a site with a Septic Tank. I purchased Elsan Organic which is green and can be used in waste and flush tanks. I personally find it much more pleasant to use than Blue versions.
Jun 11, 2012
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Aldi was mentioned in the thread above. Its Blue Diamond at a very affordable price and has a pleasant smell. I have used
it for some years now since I find from one product the black algi that forms in flush tank.Every body has a different opinions on the toilet products .Blue Diamond you will need to add 2 ltrs of water to your waste tank with 75 ml of blue I think most are the same also 75 ml of pink to your flush. How long they last depends on how many away days and weeks you have .
Sir Roger .
Nov 16, 2015
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I tend to prefer Elsen "Double" Blue and Pink, but for cleaning the bowl, the boss uses Thetfords own toilets bowl cleaner and a small toilet brush. [ :sick:


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