Aug 18, 2005
I had the Xantia 1.9td Towing the Ace Jubilee for 5yrs and the only problem was in 5th gear when it was only a cruise gear and to accelerate you had to drop down a gear the hdi should give you that extra, ive now got the Synergie with the 2.0hdi this being a larger and heavier car just as no problem in any gear however i do miss the hydrolic suspension of the xantia as it felt more stable than my synergie which as made me purchase a stabliser for the first time.
Mar 14, 2005
I've got a 2.1 Xantia which I use for towing - and it's great. I remember the C.C. towing test report on the HDI Xant when it first came out. It said what an improvement over the 1.9TD it was, but not quite as good as the 2.1. Having said that - I'm shortly about to change to a C5 with the 2ltr HDI!!!
Mar 27, 2005
we towed with a 1.9td estate for 2 years . best towcar ive had, better in fact than the Terrano ive just sold.certainly felt more stable.sits dead level , very economical , did York to Newquay on about 3/4 of a tank while towing a sprite major.the only moan i had about its abilities was that it was a tad slow off the mark until the turbo kicked in and most inclines needed a drop to 4th gear.

on the look out for an hdi to replace my terrano now.


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