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Nov 11, 2009
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The three ladies in my life are off to Greece for two weeks R&R leaving me as caretaker and animal sitter in chief. I was reading in last weekends paper about the costs of using British debit and credit cards in Europe. One European bank ( not named) charging €4.5 per cash withdrawal via debit card. Others are planning to introduce such charges. Then there were the other transaction and currency conversion charges each time a card is used. So I suggested to my wife that she buys a travel currency card which can be used just like the debit cards but with far lower fees. Current £-€ rates aren’t good at 1=1.138 so any saving helps.

Do any of you regular travellers use such cards and any specific recommendations?
Nov 16, 2015
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Hi Clive, I used to have the Post Office travel card, very good for restaraunts, garages, and supermarkets, just had to load it up with money as you needed from your UK bank. This was 5 years ago.
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Jul 18, 2017
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With my Nationwide credit card there is no charge whether using it locally or anywhere else in the world. We always take sufficient cash in euros with us so no worries about charges for withdrawing cash.
Jan 19, 2002
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Likewise we take a little cash but a credit card that doesn't charge any fee for overseas useage, and simply converts back to pounds at the prevailing exchange rate of the day of purchase. Your own bank may have such facility on a credit card which will be stated in the terms and conditions (paper copy or online). If not you can apply for a card from any institution.


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