Mar 14, 2005
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Help please

Have just purchased a trio awning in a1 condition but without instructions.I have used an awning for many years but need some assistance to sort out the poles. Can anyone help or where can I get a copy of erection instructions.

anticipating some reply please

Jim Anderson.
Jun 19, 2005
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Hi folks

Not sure if I can help or not because I was about to post a message regarding a Trio awning. I am new to caravanining, I purchased an Elddis Wisp 510/6 in September last year(my first caravan) and it came with a Trio awning. The people that I purchased the caravan from told me that there was a nearly new Trio Mexico awning with the van and when I collected it, sure thing the awning was there. I only used the caravan once last year as I am wheelchair dependant and it was getting to the end of the season I only got one chance to use the van before looking for storage. Anyway enough waffle.

I have booked the van onto a few sites for this year and decided to have a look at the awning over the last few weeks to try and make some sense of what I was going to let myself in for.Last week I took out all of the canvas parts and everything seemed to be in good order, everything was in good condition and clean and dry apart from the ground sheet.

Today I spent nealry four hours trying to figure out the poles with little success. I do have some sort of instructions(a diagram showing the layout of poles for three different models of awning), a Trio Mexico S.E, Trio Family and a Trio Caramba.

If it is of any use to you I will make a photocopy of these instructions and send you a copy if you like. Feel free to drop me an email at: and I will see what I can do. No gaurantee that they will be of any use but I can give it a try if you like.


Mar 14, 2005
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Hi - I have had two Trio awnings and was relieved that the second one (both came with the S/H caravans I bought) went up exactly the same as the first as it came without instructions.

So assuming they all go up the same I suggest you:-

a) Find all the multi fitting ends and lay them side by side - there should be three of them cosnsisting of a long pole with a retained screw (that makes a simple universal joint) that is attached to a "spider" or multi fit end.

b) Two of them have the bend at about 110 degrees (not quite a right angle) and the third is much "flatter" at probably about 160 degrees or just off the horizontal (Don't quote me on this as I am doing it from memory!! - as the caravan and awning are in storage a couple of miles away)

c) You should have three poles with hooks on the end - these fit into the plastic retainers on the awning that will be in position once the awning is in the awning rail.

These poles with the hooks on slot into the long pole of each "spider" assembly which has a screw adjuster for tightening the awning when it is up.

d) There are three little poles (about 15" ?) again with metal hooks on one end but thes hooks are at right angles unlike hooks in the other far bigger poles in c) above which are very much "hooked" shaped.

Put these small poles to one side as they are the last thing you attach before tightening it all up.

e) There should be two cross poles that join the three "spiders" together and three legs that hold up the front of the awning. These poles should be identifyable by length and how and what they fit into at the ends.


Clean the awning rail - Towsure do a great little kit which really works a treat - it gives you the lubricant, brush and a handy little tool to reform the rail if it gets damaged.

Run the awning through the rail. At this point we find it easier to gently gather up the awning and place it on the roof of the caravan. You can then concentrate on getting the poles right.

Take each "spider" and make sure you get them in the right place - the middle one is easy as it is clearly a different angle from the others. The other two are obviously "handed" in that there is a left hand side one and a right hand side one.

We hang the hooks from the long poles in the awning attachments in turn and slide the other end in the long pole of its corresponding "spider". Now link each "spider" by the two cross poles and gently lift the frame up so that you can slot the legs into place.

You now have the frame in place and the awning sitting on top of the caravan. Carefully "walk" the awning over the frame taking care not to snag it on anything. It obvioulsy helps if you construct the frame at its smallest at this stage.

Once the awning is in position you will see a stub of each "spider" that fits through the front of the awning. On these fits the small poles with the right angled hooks on and these support the canopy of the awning with the hooks slotting into the holes in the canopy.

All that remains to be done is to get inside and tighten all the roof bar adjusters and set the leg hight correctly.

As regards identifying the poles remember there are just:

1)two cross poles

2)three legs

3)three roof bars - the ones with the hooks

4)three little "canopy" support poles

Some of these are in two parts but hopefully they still have the spring conectors inside them!

One other tip - we find with our latest awning that it is so large compared to out first one that it is easier to take the sides and windows out before erecting. BUT WATCH OUT !! this caused a great deal of confussion later when we had to put them back in. So mark them with a bit of tape beforehand (we just used masking tape and marked where each door/window came from as well as the door/window itself) - it will save a lot of time later.

Hope this helps
Mar 14, 2005
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I've had a couple of trio classics. Easy enough to errect without instructions. If there is a problem would suggest you put the poles together and mark the frame. Shouldn't be a problem


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