Trumatic S 3002 gas auto ignition

Jan 27, 2019
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Hi again. In my new acquisition (Adria Adora 612UP), the gas fire works fine. The only issue is that when I replaced the AA battery in the igniter unit (bottom left under the fire) having removed the old, leaking one, the igniter clicks non stop. It only stops when the fire lights. When I turn the fire off by turning the thermostat to "0", the flame goes out, but the igniter starts clicking again and keeps clicking long after the flame has died out and the heater has gone cold. At the moment, I'm removing the battery to stop the igniter trying to light the heater when it's off! Anybody got any ideas?
Mar 14, 2005
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I have come across this on a number of occasions and it is generally on of three issues.

The first is the ignition block has gone faulty, and the switch detection has stopped responding. As the block is
potted assembly, the solution is a new ignitor block.

The second is a micro switch in the top of the gas valve has stopped working. The switch is replaceable and should be available through a Truma dealer, and it comes ready assembled with two wires and a connector for the ignition block. Please note that one of the wires (and only one) must be clamped firmly under a floor plate clip to make an electrical connection to teh chassis of the heater. -

And this leads me onto a third possibility that I have come across when a well meaning owner has inspected their heater and found one wire clamped and the other free, and has decided to tidy up the appliance by clamping both wires to the floor plate. This effectively shorts out the gas valve switch and causes the ignitor to to be active all the time. It will still detect a flame and stop sparking, but it will continue to spark when the gas valve has been turned off.


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