Used caravan damp

Aug 1, 2021
Hi all. Apologise if this is not allowed. I am buying a used Compass Rambler 2010 in prestige condition from a major caravan dealer. They have advised me and shown me 2 damp areas that appear to have been fixed. Their report says issues but does not need further investigation. One area is below window. there is no staining and looks like new under rubber seal. Other area is in top cupboard where there is a slight stain. It's dry not spongy and when tapped sounds like all other panels. No bubbling or peeling. This is under the roof cross bar. The previous owner has treated the caravan with utmost care and would imagine on the last service if ingress found would of had it resealed. The dealer has stated the window could just have been left open during rain. He said its nothing to worry about and will be resealed again before collecting and with another service and 3 month warranty. Question is do I trust him and buy it or walk away.
Jan 19, 2002
Well that's a tricky one, did you get a damp report with %ages on it that has been done immediately prior to this sale? 3 months warranty doesnt even see you through the winter, but we have to recognise that the van is 11/12 years old now. Is there a service record with it - poss annual stickers on the drawbar?
Aug 1, 2021
Yes they don't put readings on unless they need investigation. There are stickers but can't remember 100% but I think it was 2019/2020.
Mar 14, 2005
Hello Warriory,

Your question is perfectly valid.

In this case the dealer has clearly stated there has been a damp problem that has been sorted and it is now dry. If you do buy and damp occurs fairly quickly, under the Consumer Rights Act you should be able to reject the caravan outright within the first 30 days, of if its within teh first six months you do have teh right to a one chance repair.

If a damp problem has been repaired properly then the structure should be sound, and if you can't see or feel any suspect areas then it might be a good deal.

But you should be cautious, because if there has been one damp problem becasue of a poor joint seal there could be others that have not manifest themselves yet. But if it was from a window being left open then it might be fine.

As it's a caravan with a history it should have a decent discount compared to the same model and age van that always been dry - perhaps a bargaining point for you.

If you are keen on this particular van it might be worth the investment of having an independent mobile engineer to do a pre purchase survey. This can be worth the cost. If the seller is not keen to allow you to have this done, then definitely walk away.
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Jul 18, 2017
For peace of mind as mentioned get an independent Approved Workshops Scheme technician to check it over. Again as mentioned previously the Consumer Rights Act 2015 over rides any warranty that is in addiotn to your rights. If you have a credit card for further protection under S75 of the CCA pay part of the amount using the CC.
Jan 31, 2018
We bought a van just like this. Leak in back corner. Dealer fixed it and it never leaked again. Superb van.
Apr 28, 2021
If you haven’t already got one it would be a good idea to buy a damp meter, you can get one for around £20. You can then keep an eye on things.
Aug 1, 2021
Would it be safe to say that all caravans have a chance of water ingress at some point. The other van we looked at was a 2006 model but was well used.
Jul 19, 2021
Fully agree, one moment its dry, the next you have a crack, in a front or rear panel, or a window seal, enough to let the damp in. Always worth a good look around when washing the van,
or there was absolutely no sign of damp, then the window blind unit falls off because there is no wood behind the screws due to tiny hairline cracks where the windows were screwed in to the front panel but the manufacturer didn't counter sink the holes :mad:
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Jan 3, 2012
Ours just had a wash and wax ready for our break on Thursday it also had a good check over as well so i am in agreement as well :)
May 24, 2014
Not sure why the OP would want used caravan damp. You can get it brand new, free of charge from almost any caravan.
Sorry, couldnt resist that one. :whistle:
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