Waht is it about caravans...

Mar 14, 2005
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Hi All,

What is it about caravans that makes other drivers behave like idiots with a death wish? There I was last Friday afternoon towing my van for the first time to Clumber Park and doing pretty well (thank you CC towing course), when suddenly myself & partner found ourselves in the staring roles of the latest blockbuster 'Psycho Driver meets Whacky Races'.

First of all the driver of a Seat Toledo nearly killed both of us overtaking on a bend - I was doing nearly 50 at the time - and then after overtaking proceeded to trundle along just in front of me at 40mph. Then there was the woman driving a Range Rover who attempted to undertake us at a roundabout nearly running us into the truck alongside. She had several children in the back - I was too busy with evasive manoeuvres to count how many.

Then there was the Focus driver who kept pulling out to overtake (again I was doing 50), thinking better of it due to oncoming trucks, pulling in again & flashing his lights - he did this 3 times. Finally there was the courier van driver who tried to overtake us at when I was pulling out (signalling & in plenty of time) to overtake a cyclist. What did the sign say on the back of the van - How's my driving?!

All this in the space of 18 miles, we were nervous wrecks by the time we got to Clumber. Is it always like this?
Mar 14, 2005
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Hi Maz

Thankfully your experience is not typical. Though I would say that I have experienced all that you did in 18 miles even when I was not towing a caravan!

Bad drivers drive badly regardless of who or what is on the road. Towing a caravan just makes you a bit more vulnerable and a bigger target.

Defensive driving is the key in my view as well as making sure you are in the correct lane and correctly positioned on the road to let people know that you are about to overtake something.

No disrespect but is it possible that the Range Rover driver was allowed to come up on your inside because you were cutting accross into her lane?

Lane sense is the thing that gets me with caravan drivers (and I am one myself remember!!) We live in the New Forest and I regulaly experience a cavavan cutting a swath through the lanes on roundabouts and junctions. There is no need for it - a caravan will follow the tow vehicle faithfully wherever the driver goes. Hitching up a caravan does not mean that lane curtesy can be ignorred.

My Father said that I should treat all other drivers as idiots but strive not to be one myself when he taught me to drive.

When I first started towing years ago I got "tooted" because of the mistakes I made. With experience and better towing ability I cannot remember the last time I had a problem with another driver.

It will get better!!


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