Water problem

Aug 5, 2018
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Hi. Ive just bought an ABI sprinter and its the first caravan ive owned with hot water. I was making sure everything was ok before go away next week but had a problem with the water. The cold came thro and was working great but the hot was another story. It eventually came thru but after a couple of minutes turned off I found the water had run back into the hog so when i switched it on again it took ages to come thru again. Help!!!
Jan 19, 2002
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The system should have a non-return valve to prevent this happening. I suspect therefore that it is either stuck or broken. If you google 'truma non-return valve' you will find several similar products, but at least you will know when you have found yours by tracing back the feed to the water heater and either follow some of the results to unstick it or simply replace it.


Mar 14, 2005
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I am guessing that your van is of the older age range and has a Carver Cascade water heater, in which case it is probably the cold water inlet to the heater at fault.
It has a built in NR valve which, I am again guessing , the previous owner may have had problems and used a screwdriver to try and fix it, it didn't !!
If what I have surmised is correct then you will need to replace the cold water inlet on the heater.


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