Water pump causing lights to flicker

In Oct.04 I purchased a LunerLX2000 from a local dealer with a 12mth warrenty.

On our first outing with the van when we operated the water pump with the interior lights on they flickered all the time the pump was running. According to the dealer this is normal. In over 20 years of caravaning I have never experienced anything like this before. does any one have any suggestions.

Mar 14, 2005
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Hello Tom, Your symptoms do not surprise me. I suspect that your pump is controlled by a pressure switch, which causes the pump to pulse on and off when you are using water. The pump draws quite a lot of power each time it starts up. This surge of current will develop a voltage drop in the cabling in the caravan. An old battery or one in poor condition will also make the symptoms worse. Provided the fuses aren't blowing, there is nothing actually wrong. To improve the situation, you could rewire the pump supply directly to the battery, making sure there is a suitable fuse and isolator switch fitted, in addition you may be able to reset the pressure switch so it does not hunt as frequently. Check your user instructions on how to set the pressure switch.


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