Whale Submersible Pump Not Playing

Aug 7, 2018
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Greetings to all,
I have a wee issue with the fresh water system on my 1989 ABI Hallstar 500CT I would appreciate some advice with.

When the tap is turned on there is a 12V supply across the terminals on the Carver Chrystal filter housing. (The filter housing was replaced last year)

Having removed the connector from the pump and made connection with the housing there is 12V across the connector contacts.

Connecting the whale submersible pump directly to the battery causes it to run however when the pump is connected to the filter housing the voltage drops to zero across the pump terminals and it does not run.

Could anyone please advise ?

Many thanks,

Jul 28, 2008
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It might be a bit obvious, but are the contacts on the pump actually connecting to the contacts in the housing? Can you carefully bend the terminals slightly to ensure there’s a good contact?
Mar 14, 2005
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Nigel's suggestion is the first thing to try, But your symptoms could also be the result of a high resistance connection some where in the caravans wiring for the pump.

A high resistance connection may pass enough current to make a multi meter show a full 12V, but the low resistance of the pump will cause the full voltage to be lost across the high resistance connection somewhere inside the caravan.

You may need to trace the pumps power wires back through the caravan to find the connection that causing the problem.

Do you know how your pump is controlled, is it a micro-switch inside every tap? Or is it a pressure switched system? I do hope its a pressure switch, becasue its far less wring to check.

If you have a switched tap system, I'd suggest consider changing to a pressure switched system, not particularly difficult to do - unless you have any leaky taps.
Jan 9, 2018
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