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Oct 25, 2006
Not sure if this is the correct section of the Forum but would welcome some advice.

In May 2007 purchased a new 2 berth van from a Hull based company with a reputation of heavy weight and good build quality and finish. Had added Motor Mover, Phantom Alarm, Shock absorbers and Tyron Bands fitted. Well pleased with the van during time of ownership with no issues whatsoever and thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of our caravanning during this period. Nothing but praise for the van and no problems at all - that is up until recently.

Cleaning the van recently which is done on a regular basis I was standing on a step higher than usual when I noticed that just above and below the front window hinged fitting, not on a screw hole fixing, I had a slight crack in the 'plastic' bodywork. I e-mailed the dealer with photos and recently took it back for a damp test in the front area. Horrors of horrors. Reading of some 50% between the middle and end windows.

To be fair the manufacturer has readily agreed to replace the whole of the front panel under warranty including the relevant bits. As I understand it only the three front windows will be recovered and refitted. Currently awaitng date for supply of bits and the repair.

My problem is having been over the moon with the van and totally satisfied as it, as they say, ticked all the boxes, how will I feel about the vans reliability etc after the repair. Had no intention of changing it as you will have gathered very satisfied, but had confidence somewhat dented but this experience. Thought this manufacturer was beyond any problems of water ingress. Now because of this and the up coming rise in VAT should I be looking to keep the van or cut and run after its repair. Pehaps I'm being a bit paranoid and the van will be better sealed then when off the production line.

Any views or personal exeriences of the pros and cons for keeping/changing caavans after encoutering such problems would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks.

Aug 2, 2006

Sorry to hear about your problem with your caravan.

In terms of the relative pros and cons, I'd expect the caravan to be returned in first class condition. I've observed workshops completing damp repairs on late model caravans and the results are often superb. The availability of all the new parts, proper workshop facilities and people who really know their stuff (as any good workshop should) are indicators of a good outcome.

I appreciate that the nature of the problem you've had has taken the gloss off your relationship with this caravan. I know that it's of scant consolation to you, but the way your problem has been dealt with is a complete credit to the dealer and manufacturer. I wish all caravanners were treated so well.

With a proper repair and the paperwork to back it up, I really think you can sit tight and see what the finished result looks like. Your van will not be devalued with a proper repair completed so there is no trade-in penalty.

If you're completely happy with the finished result, keep and enjoy your van. You'll need to act quickly to take delivery of a new van in time to beat the VAT, probably in the next couple of weeks and changing the caravan before you see the quality of the repair will be far more expensive than the couple of hundred quid you'll save on VAT.

Would be interested to read other's views but hope that is useful.
Nov 5, 2006
I recently had cracks appear in the front panel of my 2005 van,but due to being second owner the warranty was not transferable.However due to accident damage, repairs to the van included the REPAIR to the cracks in the front panel as the awning rails had to come off. Like you I was devastated ,but decided to keep the van on the basis that IF the cracks re appeared a new panel would cost about £1100/1300 ,much cheaper than a new van
Oct 19, 2007
I would be inclined to keep it - once the repair is done you will be as near "perfect" as you can be. If you buy another one, effectively you are stepping out into the unknown again really.
Oct 10, 2008
If you are satisfied with the repairs,then I would keep it.Welcome it back,look after it and enjoy it.As you say Bernard you've added to it,you look after it,ticks all the boxes,sounds like your pride and joy,so why give it to someone else at this point in time.
If you were to sell,then you would be hit by the depreciation costs.I dont know exactly what this would be for a 3 year old van,possibly £6000?
Cheers Richard
Jul 1, 2009
ive been there get it repaired get asome kind of paper work from the said repare people to warent the job.you can pass this on when you sell as it would be proof make sure price is on the bill to show its not a scam.


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