What's your "must have" gadget while on the road?

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Mar 17, 2020
I bought my first Garmin because it was possible to pre program routes via my PC. Friends expressed some surprise and commented “ doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a satnav?” But it worked for me basically a talking and visual alternative to maps. Although maps and Google print outs are still carried as well as downloaded to phones. I sometimes wonder how many years ago we took the kids to Europe with only a set of written route cards and Michelin maps 😀
Bit of scrappy paper with roads written in balanced on steering wheel and perhaps wife with a map on her lap.
Big difference was that we read road signs rather than listened to directions.

Enough - I'll get banned for hijacking this thread.

But it's strange how we both follow the same techniques which have eliminated situations I well remember in the early days. (Like turning down a dead end street in France and finding a dustbin lorry at the end - blocked! Unhitch, push up someones drive (no movers then), move car, leave with red face and divorce papers filed).
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