Wheel lock motor home.

Dec 30, 2014
If anyone could give me their opinions on the best easy to fit wheel locks/steering wheel clamps I’d really appreciate it.
I’m getting my new motorhome on 10th September and am thinking of a visual deterrent to deter thieves. I’ve just sold our Caravan and bought a motorhome as my husband died when in our first year of Caravanning. Any help advice would be much appreciated.
May 24, 2014
Well first off, I am dreadfully sory to hear your sad story and well done you for carrying on and being positive.

I assume that being an ex-caravanner you will be familiar with the Alko Secure Wheel lock and the difficulties it can cause fitting it. I have issues using one at home on a very short sloping drive and I had been looking for something easy fit. In the end I went for the Purpline Nemesis Ultra which I find incredibly easy to use.


The only caveat I have with that is that I dont get the CC discount with it, I did with the Alko variant.
Sep 4, 2017
For what it's worth, I use this and once it was broken in it's a doddle to fit!

BTW that picture was before the rubber chocks.

May 7, 2012
Sorry to here of your loss. I would check your motorhome's whee, size first to make sure any you choose will fit. The Nemisis Ultra is quick and easy to fit but needs wheels that will take it and I am not sure hoe it will cope if the vehicle has larger wheels. I do have one and I am not sure if it would work.
Possibly the Practical Motorhome site might be a better bet as there will be more experience of these vehicles there.
Sep 29, 2016

An option you may wish to consider is the fitting of a secret switch to isolate the starter motorignition from the battery.

Potential thieves will quickly move on to something that is much easier to nick.

Very effective, and cheap to fit or to have one fitted, ask around at your local garages or auto electricians.

Steering wheel lock (very visual), perhaps something like this:

Prices vary a lot but Halfords have something similar for £30.00, they won't deter determined thieves but they will help.
Nov 11, 2009
Sorry to hear of your loss but good luck in your new motor home.
I would recommend that you post your question on the Caravan and Motirhome Club website along with your wheel/ tyre size as members with motor homes will also advice. I can’t imagine the Alko lozenge lock that goes within the wheel spokes is very applicable to a motor home given that you often need quite tricky manoeuvres to level a motorhome. I don’t think they are made for them. You’re most likely to go for a wheel clamp and both Milenco and Bulldog make ones that meet insurance requirements. For the steering wheel I have used one that covers the whole wheel and is made of steel. Can’t remember the propriety name but Halfords market their own version which I’ve used in the past.
On your drive you might also consider too having a security post installed as well as using your clamps and vehicles own security systems. It’s not possible to be totally secure but to make it sufficiently difficult for any thieves to move on to your neighbours vehicle.

PS edit steering wheel lock was just like one in above posting. Also you might want a heavier duty clamp for home storage and something a bit lighter for touring. But make sure you meet your vehicle insurance requirements. Happy touring.
Oct 12, 2013
Grey13 said:
For what it's worth, I use this and once it was broken in it's a doddle to fit!

BTW that picture was before the rubber chocks.


That looks like a steep drive Grey or is that picture sideways !! :lol:
Sep 4, 2017
Craig...Love the humour!

Someone suggested fit a secret switch. Not with any reference to that but simply by way of interest I worked for a South African company that designed and built all manor of car security systems. Not my division but i saw all the developments. We were commissioned by Mercedes in SA to build a thief proof system including secret switches, fuel and power cut devices, you name it, the works. Remember now, South Africa is one of the top 3 car theft countries in the world. Anyway after preparing a vehicle it was put to the test by a ex professional thief. He drove away in about 90 seconds.

As a result we focused on remote control alarm systems typical of many around today, which was fine for a few months till thieves figured if they stood within range with a monitor they could catch the code then use it at their leisure to steal the car.

We responded by coming up with what was a novel system back then, code hopping. The system transmitted a code then an algorithm changed it so that next time it was different. They soon enough sorted that.

Today as some my know, thieves don't bother to steal a car, all they do is hijack them with guns etc in the street, sometimes with loss of life. There used to be a YouTube video of that test case I spoke of but it seems to have gone however I found a novel solution some bloke has developed to counter hijackings.

Let's just hope that things never get that bad here!
Nov 16, 2015
Michelle, sorry , keep going anything Visable will help but the towrags will have whatever you fit away in less than the time we fit. A visible wheel lock and a visible steeringwheel lock will help. I suppose though if your going totally off grid in say the New forest a different thing. . Stay safe.


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