Wheel locks / clamps !

Jun 3, 2015
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I am planning to get a wheel lock for my van (a Fiat Ducato base), there seem to be so many types !

Which are insurer approved or recommended ?

Any guidance and advice welcome ,
Oct 24, 2015
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Have a look at Bulldog wheel clamps and the same from Milenco.

I have a Bulldog Euroclamp on my car as well as one my partners car. Have ordered a Milenco clamp for our motorhome to compliment the Disklok. We also have these on our cars and it saved the night - as my partners car was broken into under our noses whilst we slept. They tried to take her car, but could not defeat the Disklok.

Personally I think we rely too much on electronic wizardry to protect our vehicles. Vehicle security is like the former Cold War. A new electronic alarm system is introduced, only for someone in a shed in Eastern Europe to develop a counter measures to defeat it which is then punted out via e bay and the like. For example, my car has keyless entry. The alarm can be defeated, entry gained and engine started in just 8 seconds. Electronic anti hijack devices can have their place at the table, but modern alarm systems can silently be tricked or defeated in seconds. A good quality ground anchor and old fashioned chain will require heavy duty tools, time and noise to defeat. Not music to a thief's ear.

The signal from tracking devices can be easily swamped by one or more jammers taped together and left on the seat of your motorhome as it is being driven away.

The face of policing is also changing. Policing resources equipped with tracker are more than likely to be deployed to other incidents and may not be able to be search for your vehicle following your tracker activation, should the tracker not be located and ripped out or jammed.

My suggestion:

1. Disklok
2. Wheelclamp
3. Heavy duty chain/ground anchor or combination and pedalbox.
4. Electronic security system/tracker

Just some food for thought

Dec 1, 2011
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One thing make sure it will fit your wheels! It may sound stupid, but can be a problem
We have a milenco, which is OK, used it for a few years with a bit of difficulty (Tight fit) Now fits great and easy to remove , as we had a modification done by a neighbour with a welding kit!!