Where has my battery power gone?!

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Mar 14, 2005
I think maybe I wasn't clear. The 500mA current draw is with the panel turned on, there is no current draw with the panel turned off. I think most likely the cause of the issue was user error. When I visied the van last week, I ran a generator for a while and I think I just pulled out the EHU cable assuming that it would shut it's self off. I think everything is working the way it should although I am surprised the panel draws that much current.
Thank you for the clarification. I hadn't pick up on that point.
Oct 20, 2015
As you say its how long is a piece of string, there are so many variables its impossible to say, but a new battery should last better than old battery, But assuming there is nothing draining the battery you should be ok with 3 to 4 months could be longer but its that length of string issue again.

Just for your information, using a mover for a few minuets doesn't need massive battery capacity, and most people will user thes than about 2Ah of battery capacity. As an alternative, if you arrange to have the mover battery wires easily accessible when the caravan is in storage, you could bring a small car starter battery just to move the caravan.
Many thanks, checked the van on Tuesday pm ahead of going on our first trip this year (tomorrow) reconnected the battery and it was fine. Whilst spending a good hour trying to fix a problem I thought I'd discovered with the caravan (which didn't actually exist!) I had it connected to the car (running) and then for a further 30 minutes or so- hopefully this will have given it a bit more charge if needed.


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