Where to sell?

Dec 13, 2017
Considering selling our caravan. We purchased it used from our local dealer winter 2017 used it last year but not likely to use it this year so considering selling it and buying something else in a couple of years. Where have people had the best success in selling caravans around the £10k value?

Also, if anyone is looking for a nice Xplore 574 I may have one for sale shortly. Excellent family van.
Feb 23, 2018
We bought and sold our first caravan via eBay.

With ebay you pay ~10% Final Value Fee on sales (£0 listing fee). This would obviously equate to £1k on £10k caravan, so when you sell vehicles through eBay, you use a different page and pay a £10 auction listing fee for a 1% Final Value Fee. (Plus additional fees for a Buy-It-Now prices).

If you were to say, sell the caravan to someone privately, (Whether they found it via eBay or not) you could then end the auction (Providing there are no bids) and only have to pay the listing fee.

I have no experience with Gumtree or other sales sites
May 24, 2014
Re Ebay. They do classified ads where you pay a fixed fee for the ad. Like the old style newspaper ads. No final fee cept paypal if u use paypal.
Oct 3, 2013
Pure luck! - our first caravan,we put one of these postcard adverts on the local supermarket notice board advertising the van for sale.
Two hours later a couple came to our house with a father-in-law (an experienced caravanner) and bought the van - cash sale,all I had to do was deliver the van 5 miles away onto a storage site.
Probably a case of the right place at the right time and price !


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