Why Britain ???

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Apr 10, 2005
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I suggest you do not pay too much attention to the some of the responses to your query. It seems some British people have a tendency to exaggerate the downside of our countries. There are many positives to Britain which make it well worth a visit - the historical sites, the university towns and cities, London, Edinburgh and of course the wonderful countryside in many areas. Visit the right areas and you will not be disappointed. Good luck.
I think it says something of your humour; and your frustration. But anyway - we all love our country.

And we find the best on all the countries we visit. Maybe I have to call some friends who have emigrated from Norway to Egland and order a room.

Maybe I see you Trevor.
Mar 14, 2005
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i live in scotland but i am of to spain in summer to look for a job
my God,no wonder Britain is strugling wi you lot in it!!!

We live in scotland.it is a lovely country,magnificent scenery,the most amazing mountain ranges,fantastic walks and wonderfull beaches along the east coast.There are many visitors attractions for children and lots of towns and villages steeped in history,castles,battles ect.We only caravan in Scotland as there is so much to do.We have been to England once,to buy our new Hobby caravan and again found lots to do.Good luck


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